Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Month Spine Surgery Update

It has been 5 months and here is how things stand now:

I'm poised to start physical therapy for real instead of just on my own.

It is still more painful to sit than before surgery. The only place I can sit is in the car for maybe half an hour. And that is with a cushion to sit on for the tailbone pain and a lumbar support cushion.

Can't bend at all or reach things on the floor.

The one good thing is that I have been able to walk for exercise. Couldn't do that before surgery. Unfortunately not sure how long it will last since it seems like my L4-L5 disc is bulging.

Overall, way worse than before surgery. I have often wished I could go back and undo it. So far the pain and the financial loss hasn't been worth it at all. But, I can't claim to know how this will turn out. In a year from now I may be really glad I got it over with.

If you are considering L5-S1 fusion surgery, my one suggestion is that you wait until you are in constant pain. If I was in excruciating pain before surgery, this would be an improvement.

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