Friday, May 20, 2011

He Is Never Late

What I was planning to post today is:

God doesn't let anything through His hedge of protection by accident.  Anything He allows has a Purpose.

God is never late to the rescue.  He is always r i g h t   o n    t i m e.

And then I came home from work.  Well, I left work, sat in my car to pray and read my Bible a bit, drove home and parked, sat there for a minute because a song I liked came on the radio.  Then at the precise time that I left my car and walked around the corner to the house...UPS was there with my cervical traction device.  I asked if he was going to take it away if I wasn't there, and he said yes, it needed a signature.  I could have been away, I could have been upstairs where we often can't hear the door, but God had me walking up to the door right then.

Now is God's timing perfect, or what!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Won't Lie

I won't lie.  I have been crying for over an hour.  I am frustrated and hurting and confused.

There is one, no, two things I will affirm in this, though.

God never allows something by accident and He is never late to the rescue.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Neck News

Hurts so bad.  But God so faithfully got me through work last night.  Still crying a lot over it.  PT on Friday had made it so bad that I had to lie down most of Saturday.  I still haven't recovered from Friday.

I'm so prone to panic and panic over the future.  "Will I always be like this?  My hope of being able to do things after my back surgery is crushed."

God's message is pretty simple.  "Wait on Me...Overcome by praying for others."

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lif Is Rough

Long story short.  Finally found out what has been causing my pelvic back!  I could have told them that years ago, but I guess it was meant to be this way.

In the Bible, after a great victory often comes a great trial.  My neck is killing me.  It seems more and more like a protruding disc.  Can only wait on the LORD.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grocery Store Adventures

It can be quite an adventure going to the grocery store.  I am no longer able to push a cart, the reason being that they are almost always off balance.  It only takes one or two minutes of pushing before my back muscles on one side start to scream, "Enough!  We cannot abide this twisting motion and compensate for a cart that won't go where you tell it.  Abandon ship!"  And so I do.

Thus, when I go into a store, I only buy what I can carry.  As I approach the checkout, juggling my items, it is not unusual for some sympathetic person to say, "Yeah, I always end up with more that I came in for."  There was a time when I would attempt to offer some bit of explanation, but I don't bother any more.  I just smile and nod.  They don't need to know what they don't need to know, and my pride doesn't need to say that I knew exactly what I came for and I am not shopping hungry.