Friday, May 20, 2011

He Is Never Late

What I was planning to post today is:

God doesn't let anything through His hedge of protection by accident.  Anything He allows has a Purpose.

God is never late to the rescue.  He is always r i g h t   o n    t i m e.

And then I came home from work.  Well, I left work, sat in my car to pray and read my Bible a bit, drove home and parked, sat there for a minute because a song I liked came on the radio.  Then at the precise time that I left my car and walked around the corner to the house...UPS was there with my cervical traction device.  I asked if he was going to take it away if I wasn't there, and he said yes, it needed a signature.  I could have been away, I could have been upstairs where we often can't hear the door, but God had me walking up to the door right then.

Now is God's timing perfect, or what!

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