Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grocery Store Adventures

It can be quite an adventure going to the grocery store.  I am no longer able to push a cart, the reason being that they are almost always off balance.  It only takes one or two minutes of pushing before my back muscles on one side start to scream, "Enough!  We cannot abide this twisting motion and compensate for a cart that won't go where you tell it.  Abandon ship!"  And so I do.

Thus, when I go into a store, I only buy what I can carry.  As I approach the checkout, juggling my items, it is not unusual for some sympathetic person to say, "Yeah, I always end up with more that I came in for."  There was a time when I would attempt to offer some bit of explanation, but I don't bother any more.  I just smile and nod.  They don't need to know what they don't need to know, and my pride doesn't need to say that I knew exactly what I came for and I am not shopping hungry.

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