Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spine Surgeon #3

He was a university researcher, and he saw mangled spines and tumors and horrible things on a regular basis.  He was kind but discouraged me from considering surgery.  Out of the many (maybe 10?) that I have met with now, only 2 said they thought that I would be able to feel the rods and screws and that I would be really uncomfortable.

So, I left disapointed.  No flexible fusion, complications from feeling the rods and screws.  I don't have a lot of meat on my bones and my nerves are really sensitive so I know I would feel them.

As far as the mess left by that injection, he thought it wouldn't hurt to try another injection later and he had good people to refer me to.  It was safer than surgery.

Ironically, at least half of the surgeons I have seen since this one were trained in some way by him.  All the good ones I keep finding have him on their CV.  He is a fantastic surgeon and I really appreciate that he was honest and didn't encourage me to do something that wouldn't work out well.

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