Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spine Surgeon #1

I had been suffering from extreme pain in my legs for several months.  At the time, I didn't know why they burned and were so cold and stiff and crampy.  Now several years later, I believe it was because my room was so cold that winter.  The cold, and the resulting lack of time spent stretching led to some really tense muscles and inflamed nerves.

Anyway, it was a lady spine surgeon.  She asked a lot of good questions, and was very thorough in her exam.  I think I probably asked her about flexible fusion and would have been disappointed to hear what I know now, that it isn't proven, and it probably will never be useful for spondylolisthesis.   The reason is that the vertebre will have a tendency to slide forward, and it most likely wouldn't hold or would eventually break the wires.

Amusingly, she agreed with me that I move like an 80 year old woman.  But then she was rather grouchy with me during the physical exam.  "Push harder."  "I need you to try here!"  "Bend more, all the way you can!"  I wanted to say, "I CAN'T!  That's why I came to see you!"

Obviously she wasn't the one, no grouchiness needed in a surgeon.  Onward and forward... I saw two more that summer, and now I have actually lost count.

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